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We are certain that it is time to leave a legacy for the present and future of the social events industry. Over four decades we have learnt from countless experiences how to let creativity flow in order to achieve memorable events.

Now, we feel a drive to ensure that our art lives on in time, expressed through the skills of new generations who are involved in the wonderful world of social events.

We have created CyM Academy to share knowledge and memorable experiences for the current and future benefit of the events industry at a national and international level.


The following initiatives are offered as part of the Academy’s value proposition:

  • Conferences
    Dynamic presentations by Cayetano and Mónica, enriched by their experience and creative ability.

  • Courses
    Training activities with Cayetano and Mónica aimed at professionals, students and practitioners in general from the events industry.

  • Mentoring 
    Personalized support from Cayetano and Mónica to industry professionals, for the development of an event. This includes aspects of planning, design and setting up the event.


We invite you to contact us and learn more about this new chapter in our history, the era of CyM Academy.

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