Exotic bouquet made with carefully selected yellow, purple, and green flowers and folliage is delivered in a wooden box with decorative ribbon handles. 


Dimensions for reference: 

- Height: 40cms

- Width: 40cms


  • When making a purchase from Cayetano y  Mónica Detalles, the Client accepts that it may be necessary to make modifications based on seasonal availability in all cases such as: secondary flowers, foliage, flower tones or other unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances.

    Being that roses, orchids, proteas, anemonas, among others, considered as primary flowers and are the crucial "ingredient" for CyM Detalles´s flower arrangements, therefore, these may be replaced due to lack of availability with the authorization of the client.

    Due to the fact that many flowers and foliage have seasonal blooming, the customer authorizes substitutions of secondary flowers, foliage and / or flower tones within the same color range. Said necessary modifications will be at the discretion of the CyM Detalles´ designer, assuring that the harmony, density and aesthetics of the arrangement maintain its same essence.

  • Price includes flower arrangement and its vase. Complements, such as Liquor bottles, stuffed animals, cakes, are not included in the price.