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Please read our purchase, price and delivery policies. 

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Service Policies


Dear Customer, our policies are detailed below.


Once your purchase is confirmed, it is understood that you agree and accept the following terms and conditions:


1.-PURCHASES: When making a purchase from Cayetano y Mónica Detalles, the Client accepts that it may be necessary to make modifications based on seasonal availability in all cases such as: secondary flowers, foliage, flower tones or other unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances.


Due to the fact that roses, orchids, proteas, among other flowers are considered as the "main ingredient" of CyM Detalles flower arrangements, these may be replaced due to unavailability with the authorization of the client.


The customer authorizes substitutions of secondary flower types, foliage and / or flower tones within the same color range. Said necessary modifications will be at the discretion of the Cym Detalles´ designer, taking into account that the harmony, density and aesthetics of the arrangement maintain their same essence.


2.-PAYMENT METHODS: At CyM Detalles we accept the following forms of payment:

- Bank transfer.

- Credit card by paypal.

The arrangements requested from CyM detalles will be prepared and dispatched once the payment is confirmed by the client. The prices of our floral arrangements do not include VAT, regardless of the form of payment. The cost of home delivery service may have an additional value depending on the customer's requirements and delivery address.


The client must provide the following information:

• Name 

• Direction 

• ID number or RUC 


It is important to have this information to prepare the payment receipt, otherwise it will be issued in the name of "final consumer". The invoice will be sent electronically to the customer.


3.-SPECIAL DELIVERIES: The delivery rate (distance - time) does not reflect in the final price of the arrangement + selected accessories, this will be calculated based on the customer's requirements and delivery address.


4. DIFFICULTIES IN DELIVERY: In the event that the recipient is not at the location or address provided by the customer at the time of delivery, but family or service personnel are present; the delivery will be made and the respective order for receipt will be sent to the customer.


In the event that the client is not found and no one can receive the product at the time of delivery or it is not allowed to leave the product, CyM Detalles will return the product to its offices and the client can pick it up in store. In case the client requests to send it again or to another address there will be a surcharge for the additional service.


In the event that the recipient or recipient does not wish to receive the product, CyM Detalles will contact the client to return the product to the offices for in-store pick up.


IF THE DELIVERY CANNOT BE MADE DUE TO AN ERROR OR LACK OF DATA IN THE ADDRESS PROVIDED, we will communicate the matter to the client, we will return the product to the office and the client can pick it up without any surcharge. The natural flower arrangements will stay in our store for the next 48 hours. In case that the client does not pick up the flower arrangement, we will proceed to disassemble it. 


home deliveries will be made on holidays or weekends, will have and extra charge for delivery. 

5.-DELIVERIES AT THE NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL LEVEL: We have thought of everything when creating CyM Detalles, considering that the world has no borders, we can send details to everyone. For this service, it is essential for the client to communicate directly with us to choose the ideal product. We have arrangements with flowers and perennial foliages, such as artificial flowers and foliages that facilitate not being perishable for long distance shipping.


For this service, the client must communicate by phone or via email to for an explanation of the policies of the selected transport company, delivery date and cost of the service. 


6.- RETURNS: The sales concluded in CyM Details are considered final. Both in natural flower arrangements and preserved flowers, we provide a consistent service to perishable items with sensitivity to temperature, humidity and light. Receiving a defective product is the only exception to apply a product replacement, for which the recipient must notify it in writing in the delivery order and NOT accept the product at the time of delivery. If the case proceeds CyM Details will make the replacement of the product or issue a credit note so that the customer can use it at the time they require it. 8.-The client must take into account that the flowers are perishable and have a life of their own. Proper care is required to ensure the ideal shelf life of the product. It is the responsibility of the recipient to follow the care instructions provided by CyM Details.

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