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Cayetano and Monica are interpreters. So they have been, since they combined their unique family experiences with their vocations in order to shape their own lives and, ultimately, to create collective experiences of ceremony. However, they have also been partners in their journey of taking their work to an entirely new level of excellence, ensuring that each experience that they create is unique, extraordinary and unforgettable.

For decades, they have worked together and grown together, each drawing on their own family and professional experiences, their own vocations and passions.

Undoubtedly, passion for detail and for a job well done has been fundamental to their success. However, maintaining a respectful dialogue with their clients and their desires, a finely tuned ability to interpret their client’s dreams, their relentless pursuit of improvement, and their constant reflection on their own processes and creations have also been critical to their path.

In their designs - which are events and, as such, are incredibly ephemeral - Cayetano and Monica have been able to expertly combine traditional and professional knowledge with different trades performed by many unique hands. They have also managed to orchestrate all of them with a creative, respectful, and rigorous eye, and a sensitive, intelligent and passionate baton.

This is how Cayetano y Monica Decoraciones, since 1983, puts effort on living up to their purpose which is create and transcend in time.

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