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Libros Cayetano y Mónica


These books collect, under different themes and with excellent photographic records, the most characteristic features and details of their unique events over the last twenty years of work. They beautifully and eloquently show Cayetano and Monica’s creative interpretation of purposes, always under their personal language or touch, in order to build fantastic, multifaceted experiences where every detail takes part into keeping those forever in memory.

This is what these books are about, a fantastic experience and beautiful memories. But it is also an important legacy for future generations who will continue what began in a home and is now in a great edifice. In that sense, this book is a legacy of the creativity that has continued to grow and innovate in the face of challenges of space and time which have marked its founders. In the same way, these challenges have meant honoring the principle of excellence with which their dreams and those of many others have become a reality.


Enjoy them through a journey of creative experiences that are able to transcend in time.

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